2016 – 2017 Term Dates and Holidays

Please make a note of the term dates as they are slightly different to the Edinburgh school term dates.

Autumn Term

First Day: Wednesday 17th August 2016
Last Day: Friday 14th October 2016
Holidays: Monday 19th September 2016

Winter Term

First Day: Tuesday 25th October 2016
Last Day: Wednesday 21st December 2016

Spring Term

First Day: Tuesday 10th January 2017
Last Day: Thursday 30th March 2017
Holidays: Monday 13th to Friday 17th February 2017

Summer Term

First Day: Tuesday 18th April 2017
Last Day: Thursday 29th June 2017
Holidays: Monday 1st May 2017
Thursday 4th May 2017 (Church closed for election)
Monday 22nd May 2017
Thursday 8th June 2017 (Closed for General Election)