Rota Duty at Nile Grove Playgroup

All parents/ carers are required to do duties each term. It can be hugely rewarding. Parent rota duties enable you to take part in the morning session and feel involved in your child’s experience of playgroup. Following Early Years Scotland guidelines, parents and carers will be required to become a member of the PVG scheme.

You will need to do as many mornings as your child attends e.g. if your child attends 3 mornings a week, you will be required to do 3 duties per term. For parents who have two children at playgroup, the rota duty commitment is 1 and a half times the duty for one child. Duties are done on the days that your child normally attends. Please note there are 4 terms. There is a rota on our noticeboard in the hall where you are encouraged to sign up for days which suit you. Any problems regarding your ability to carry out duties should be discussed with the administrator.

If you have been unable to complete all your duties during a term then any outstanding duties must be carried forward to the next term. If you need to change your rota duty it is your responsibility to organise a swap. A contact sheet will be provided each term to enable you to contact other parents.

If your child has just started, you are not expected to do duties until your child is happy and settled and used to being at playgroup independently of you. In most cases it would be reasonable to put your name down for duties mid to end of term. If you are in doubt as to whether your child is ready for you to do duties, please speak to the play leaders.

Please arrive for when you are on duty at 8.40am We understand this is not always possible due to school drop offs etc. so please just let us know you will be arriving later. This way there is no confusion for the play leaders in the morning.

We understand that it may be necessary to bring younger siblings with you when you are on duty. Please note +1 next to your name when signing up for rota. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer when you arrive at playgroup stating that any additional children you have with you are your responsibility.

Please inform playgroup staff of your personal circumstances should they affect your ability to do certain tasks e.g. if you are pregnant or have back problems.

What to expect when on duty

8.40 – Help carry toys through from the crypt and set up the toys.

9.00 – Cup of tea.

9.15 – Children are welcomed in. Engage children in activities; playing a board game, reading stories, helping them dress up. Please write the child’s name in the corner of any paintings, drawings or artwork they create. Remind and help children to put on aprons for painting and playing in the water tray. Remind children to keep sand in the box and not carry it around the room.

10.00 – Circle time and register. We ask 1 or 2 parent helpers to prepare the snack.

10.20 – We ask you to help with either singing, washing or drying hands and sitting at the table.

10.30 – Snack time. We start to take some of the toys to the crypt.

10.45 – Washing the dishes and making sure the kitchen is clean.

10.55 – Join a member of staff in taking children out to the garden.

11.15 – Encourage children to help with tidying toys into boxes and taking things to the door or shed to be put away. We try to make sure that everything is put back into the right box so that it is all organised for the next day.

11.20 – Music and dancing while a parent helper helps to take toys back to the crypt or shed.

11.30 – Story time. Put any wet paintings into plastic bags for the children to take home. Help children to sit and listen to the stories.

11.45 – Home time

At any point if a child tells you they need the toilet please tell one of the members of staff and we will take them. Of course do take your own child to the toilet if they need it. There is a nappy changing table in the ladies toilet upstairs and a nappy bin. There is a changing mat in our toilets but please take your nappies to the nappy bin in the upstairs toilet.

All parents/ carers doing the rota duty should be aware of the Health & safety policy, the Accident procedure and the Fire procedure. Ask the play leaders and they can give you a copy or view these here.

PVG requirement

It is a requirement for all parents/carers to become a member of the PVG (protection of vulnerable groups) scheme. On your child’s first day you will given a form to complete and sign which is your consent to the checks being carried out. We will complete the check on the 2 people most likely to do rota duty for your child. The process for completing an application will depend on whether you are already a member of the PVG scheme or not. Please note there is no cost to you for this check to be completed.

Existing members

Although you already hold a PVG certificate, we will need to apply for an update in order for it to apply to playgroup. You will be required to complete a short form and will need a note of your PVG membership number. The playgroup administrator will need to see 3 forms of ID in order to endorse your application, complete the relevant sections and submit the full application. Please not it takes up to 4 weeks for the completed check to be returned to us.

New applications

You will be required to complete a form and will need a note of the following:

  • National insurance number
  • Passport number
  • Driving license number
  • 5 year address history

The playgroup administrator will need to see 3 forms of ID in order to endorse your application, complete the relevant sections and submit the full application. Please note it takes up to 8 weeks for the completed check to be returned to us.