A typical morning at Nile Grove Playgroup


The children are welcomed into playgroup.  Parents drop off children at the main church door and staff guide them down to the playroom.

The first part of the morning is designated ‘free play’; that is the children are able to enjoy playing in any part of the playgroup they choose.

There are a wide range of toys, active equipment and sensory play resources available to the children. For example, the home corner, dressing up, puzzles, water and sand trays. A child who is playing happily or is busy with one activity will not be interrupted and directed towards another if they wish to continue whatever they are doing. Stories are read in the story corner if a child shows interest. The children can take part in a wide variety of craft activities and have many different materials available to them e.g. paint, glue, dough. Special pieces of craftwork are made by the children to tie in with a particular theme or season. The children also have the opportunity to do some baking.


Playgroup provides a healthy mid morning snack around 10.15, with the choice of milk or water.  The children can choose when they would like to come over for snack.  Staff will help the children to wash their hands and ask them to identify their names and put into the basket to show they are having snack.  Those who are still playing will be given the choice to come a bit later or continue with their activities.
Some examples of snack:
Oatcakes, cream crackers, bread sticks and houmous, cheese, grapes and apples, pineapple and banana,
peppers, sugar snap peas, sweetcorn, cucumber and carrots.
Cheese scones or healthy blueberry muffins are often made by the children, especially when we are celebrating a child’s birthday.


Children are involved in tidying the toys. Then there is the opportunity for group games, playing with the parachute, singing and dancing.


We endeavour to go outside for some fresh air and a play in our own private garden.  Children have access to our playhouse, slides, scooters and bikes.  When the weather permits, we like to go out more often to sing songs and have a dance or play some games outdoors.


Children come in from the garden, wash hands and we join together for a story at the end of the morning.


Children are brought back up by staff to the church door to meet parents.